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Mats Jungmyren


Photo Karwan Qadir

Photography means painting with light. The light is the key to taking the perfect picture big or small. To feel that it was there right at the moment of the trigger is a wonderful feeling.
Many times it is also the pictures that become one's favourites.
But sometimes getting to take turns in the image processing program and create also gives kicks.
The digital possibilities are unlimited today and you can use different materials for your images.

Mats Jungmyren was born and raised in Motala and has always photographed where the camera has always been with.
Worked in the photography industry since 1989.

In autumn 2011, a collaboration was started with  ABF in Motalain photography but has also arranged private courses as well.

Mats has competed with his images all over the world and in 2014 he won second place in the Danish competition "Den Nationale" in the digital class.

In September 2012, he was for the first time on a jury for the 12th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2012.

2012 - 2019  Konstrundan in Motala
2015 Galleri Hagström in Stockholm 
2016 Gallery T in Stockholm


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