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Saturday evening

Saturday evening by Vilhelm Moberg will be performed by members of Motala Theater Workshop at Kornettgården in the summer of 2023.
The premiere was on June 27.

The action takes place at Alfred and Edla's place on a quiet Saturday evening when suddenly there is a knock on the window...


Alfred i Nygård home owner (Åke Lindberg)
Edla, his wife (Ann Lindström)
Lotten, their daughter (Monicka Odenslätt)
Sigrid the farm maid (Berit Lindqvist) 
Anton i Backa homesteader son (Peter Hermansson Sköld)
The peasant in Västergårn, (Hans Lindström)

Director: Glenn Qvarford

Director's assistant/soufflé: Annika Qvarfordth

Producer: Åke Lindberg

The pictures are taken during the game in front of an audience

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